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I am very impressed with micro fuzion ,and I will be letting other people about it, far better than Road Angel.

Terry Wright

just got my fuzion and i do not know what i would do without it  all my friends are know getting one.

Wayne Mills

My daughter had the misfortune to be recorded  doing 34 MPH in a 30MPH zone. by a mobile camera unit.  Discussing this with a colleague, he suggested that I buy her a speed camera as he had used one for many years.

I went to a local  Car Audio Outlet who recommended from the units he had available the Micro Fuzion, one of the features being that you could update it without additional cost for the life on the Unit.

To say that I was amazed at its performance is an understatement. It not only warns you of approaching speed checks, but most importantly to me, makes you aware of dangers and I feel makes you a better driver.

I have now purchased a second unit and feel more confident when it is active.

Well, worth the cost of purchase.  Well done, Fuzion!


Ii have just purchased your fuzion unit. It is so easy to use,  easy to install. Excellent value for money.

Is there anywhere in the Blackpool area where my friend can purchase one. I live in Wigan and she is pestering the life out of me, but i wont give in, please help !

Paul Matt

Well done, I must confess that I was a bit concerned that the data base may be less than the other greedy ones (50/year update service !) of your competition but that does not seem to be the case. I will certainly recommend your unit to all those I know.

Shaun Porter

Bought my wife a black version Microfuzion for her car after she got caught by a mobile speed camera. It's simple to use and the voice features are so impressive that I bought a second one for my car - kicking out the Snooper S3 Neo that I previously used.
Well done on a fine product at a reasonable price - and the free updates are all part of the bargain.
I have had my unit now for a couple of months and i must say it is one of the most important units in my car ,I travel about 1,200 miles a week and the hit rate of the unit is fantastic, i would say approx 99,8% i can say without any doubt that if i did not have the micro fuzion in my car i would not be able to drive any more.



Mark in Kent

The free updates alone pay for the unit, fantastic product 

Manish in London

Just to record thanks for excellent service and advice Superfast Delivery.
Bought upgrade pack FZ3 for my Mondeo due to heated front screen and rain sensor facility, active in seconds. This is quality product and with its free upgrades is ahead of the opposition.

Tony Kearsley
Managing Director
I have purchased both camera detector and radar/laser units and have proved a god send. Highly recommend you purchase these units and also enjoy the free updates and again I can vouch are regularly updated. The only thing you have to lose is your licence.

At this price MicroFuzion is simply a 'must-have' for today's camera infested roads. The unit is superb, has never missed a beat or a camera position, including red light and average speed cameras. My brother, who already has 3 points on his licence from a camera was so impressed with my little box that he ordered one immediately. He is also absolutely delighted with its performance. Thanks for a great product that really does what it says it will.

regards John Covington

I bought one a few months ago after being advised by friends, not only have I saved money on fines, it has made me a better and safer driver.

I also use it with the “Navigator “software as a fully blown Satellite Navigation system at the same time!!

Well done “Microfuzion”.

Andy Tyler (Horsham West Sussex)


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