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World's Smallest Microfuzion Total GPS Safety Camera Warning System with LCD Colour Display
World's Smallest Microfuzion Total GPS Safety Camera Warning System with LCD Colour Display

100% legal speed camera detection
Free camera updates

Microfuzion Total - "The smallest GPS based speed camera warning system with LCD Colour display in the world'

The new MICROFUZION TOTAL GPS camera warning system uses GPS satellite technology to keep constant track of your position against its integrated database of cameras and known police speed check areas. Using both voice alerts and its high definition display this Microfuzion Total will ensure that you are informed well in advance of approaching a fixed camera location.

  • Uses the latest High-sensitivity SIRF III GPS technology which is 100% legal

  • Unlike any other system available we provide free camera updates for life, no subscriptions, no worries

  • Easy to use and simple one wire installation means you plug it into you cigar lighter socket you're ready to go

  • Gives verbal as well as visual warnings
  • Can me mounted on the windscreen or dashboard
  • Can be easily moved from from one vehicle to another
  • Earphone socket for motorbikers / taxi drivers etc..
  • Small compact all-in-one design fits in your shirt pocket

  • Can be installed directly to the car's cigarette lighter

  • Includes the widest range of speed cameras covering all fixed and mobile speed cameras in the UK, USA, Australia and most of Europe

  • Also warns you of the London Congestion Zone / Schools / Blackspots when in safety warning mode

  • Covers: United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Benelux, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

  • Set your own custom speed limit warning anchors and the Microfuzion Total will warn you when you exceed these speed limits

  • Display colour can be changed to suit all dashboard lighting colours
  • Speed limit can be set to show MPH or KMPH, excellent feature when going abroad in your own car

  • Set you own warning distance for speed cameras

  • Most car speedo's are inaccurate by 2 - 10%, the Microfuzion Total shows your true speed using its accurate GPS technology

  • Can be used simultaneously as a GPS receiver for navigation applications operating on PC or Pocket PC (optional cable available)

  • Simple voice alerts, no messing about with confusing lights etc..

  • High definition LCD Colour Display shows the speed your car is travelling at (more accurate than your speedo) and gives visual warnings of cameras / blackspots / schools / congestion zone

  • Plug and play solution straight out of the box and ready to use

  • Supports 12/24V power supply

  • Personal points of interests can be added to the database at a touch of a button

  • Database can be updated via a simple Internet connection (USB lead supplied)

  • Unique serial numbers allows us to turn off a unit if reported stolen

  • We've used the latest GPS technology which means you don't have to worry about the type of windscreen you have, the Microfuzion Total will work with any windscreen including athermic / coated / tinted windscreens

  • When you add on the radar / laser pack the unit will warn you of police radar / laser guns as well as temporary cameras and vans that are set up by police on a day-to-day basis

  • The radar / laser detection system is controlled directly using the Microfuzion Total and you can set it to warn you of all or certain bands (includes: Super X, Ku, K and Ka covering all bands worldwide)
Functions whilst stationary
  • Displays Time
  • Displays Date
  • Displays the distance of your trip
Functions whilst on the move
  • Displays distance to camera
  • Displays your speed with 100% accuracy
  • Voice warning alerts you if you a breaking the speed limit whilst approaching a camera
  • Once you are out of the 'danger zone' you will be given an audible warning
What's included:
  • MicroFuzion Total safety camera detection system
  • 12/24v cigarette lighter power supply cable
  • USB Download cable for update the database of cameras 
  • User manual
  • 12 months warranty
0-60 MPH Time Test Feature

Exclusive to the Microfuzion Total, you can measure the time it takes you car / motorbike to reach 60 miles per hour. This feature should only be used on a suitable private road or a designated race track.

Simple to use, one button operation, find out exactly how quick your car really is !

Example Screen Shots


Radar / Laser Detection Upgrade Pack

Microfuzion Radar / Laser Detection System (Optional add-on 49) OUT OF STOCK
  • Simple to install and easy to use in any vehicle

  • You will be warned of radar / laser traps by audible and visual warnings from the Microfuzion Total (verbal and visual)

  • Detects X / Ku / K / Superwide KA / Laser bands

  • Uses a high sensitivity patented antenna

  • Performance has been certified

  • VG2 Undetectable stealth technology

  • Waterproof design, can be installed anywhere in the car (all installation materials are included)

  • Please note: The radar / laser detection module simply connects to the side of Microfuzion Total and can be installed anywhere in the car.

List Price: 109.99
Price: 79.99
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